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[Somehow] I had a problem living overseas [Narusa]

Shigenchi Expatriate Overseas I was troubled by this [Local] How to enjoy expatriate several times [Melting] I wrote about the advantages of living overseas, but of course there are many problems (disadvantages).Especially for families, the problem is the number of people ...
Information useful in overseas life

[On-site] How to enjoy expatriates several times [Melting]

There are various ways to live overseas, such as trying to be stationed in a big city, or being stationed in a rural settlement.Some people may not want it.However, the more such people are, the less stress they have by blending in with the locals as much as possible.
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XNUMX Recommended Items to Bring from Japan When Expatriate

When you live abroad for the first time, you are wondering what to bring.Me too, I was like that.I would like to introduce the things that I hoped and saved after living abroad.
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[Even if you live overseas] Summary of XNUMX recommended online learning materials

About online learning We have summarized the features, costs, advantages and disadvantages of study supplements, decitas, and even three recommended teaching materials.I think online learning is effective for children who live abroad or cannot attend Japanese school for various reasons.
Online learning

[Even if you live overseas] Classes can be delayed or preempted with the non-grade online teaching material "Surara"

Even an online learning system can catch up with learning delays and stumbling blocks.You can take classes in the previous grade or even earlier, and you can pre-empt your favorite subjects.A dedicated coach will also design the learning, so you can study how to learn as a parent.
Online learning

[Even if you live overseas] Digital learning material "Dequitas" complements the learning of children who cannot attend school

By using the digital learning material "Dequitas", it is possible to supplement the learning of children who cannot attend school or who are living overseas and can send Japanese studies.There are XNUMX types of tuition fees, which are super cheerful accounting, and you can decide whether or not to join after a free trial period of XNUMX days, so you can feel free to try it.It is a web education system with a very high degree of perfection.
Online learning

Online learning is recommended for children who live overseas and cannot study Japan

There are definitely children who live abroad or cannot take classes at Japanese schools for various reasons. Online learning is considered to be one of the effective means for such children to study Japanese lessons as much as possible in order to live in Japan in the future.
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[China recommended app] Map app Kotoku map (Gaoduditu) Should be used in combination with Momochi map

China's map app has long been Momochi Map, but it seems that this Kotoku map is becoming more and more popular. This article introduces the features and usage of Kotoku Map.
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[Chinese recommended app] Learn Chinese example sentences with the translation app Dear Translate (Chinese name: Youdao Youdao)

Introducing Dear Translate, one of the Chinese translation apps. You can get more accurate translation results by using it together with Momochi translation. The feature is that it presents many example sentences, so it is a very useful app for learning Chinese.
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[Chinese recommended app] Chinese translation app is decided by Baidu Translate

You can use Google Translate in China by downloading the language pack, but in terms of accuracy of Chinese translation, Hyakudo Translate is a little better. It's an app that is useful not only for translation at work and for translation of reports, but also for everyday life, so let's master it.